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    InDesign CS6 does not preserve my paragraph spacing in epub - why?

    MikHva Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have a technical textbook set using paragraph styles with spacing added before and after the paragraphs using their respective paragraph styles. When I export to epub there is no spacing preserved. I am aware that others have asked similar questions previoulsy, men the answers do not help me overcome this problem. I have tried converting the set spacing from mm to pt, thinking that epub might not "understand" the metric system, but that does not seem to be the problem.


      Below two dumps showing the indesign layout and the epub result.


      I "include style definitions" and "preserve local overrides" but have of course also tried exporting with them unchecked, but that does not make any difference - still no spacing. Also, I have tagged the text.




      Hope someone can help!