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    Moving something by a precise disance

    Mathias17 Level 3

      I suddently realized today that after all my years of Photoshop I don't know how to move something by an exact amount.


      i.e.    If I have trim marks, working on a poster, and I want to distribute them precisely around the canvas, how do I do that?

               I can align one to top, left of canvas, but then how do I move it down exactly .5in?


      Illustrator handles this with ease, but PS?

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          charles badland Level 4

          Target the layer you want to move.

          Edit>Free Transform

          On the left side of the Option Bar, click on the triangle icon between the X and Y position (that should set them to 0 px)

          For your example, type in "0.5 in" in the Y input box


          (Minus Sign 0.5 in moves it up... not sure why, seems like that should move it down...)

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            Mathias17 Level 3

            Charles, thanks for reminding me of that. Used it a time or two in the past but never really found it too useful.


            But you've connected the dots for me - I had never used the Relative Positioning button before. Nice!


            Sure, not quite as robust as Illustrator's means of doing the same thing but so happy to know about it now. Flabbergasted I never had a need for it before . . . I guess I just relied on lame workarounds. Isn't what all self-taught blokes do.




            Anyway, thanks for sharing, Charles.