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    turning a sequence of stills into a movie


      I have a camera which takes a series of time lapse still photos at a user-defined rate and duration. Once done, I'll have a sequence of individual jpegs which I want to turn into a stand-alone QT movie. I've looked for an online resource to tell me how to do that, but can't find one. Does anyone know of a weblink that would explain how to do this. I'm (obivously) a newbie to AE, but I've heard this can be done very easily.

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If the files are named sequentially (eg, IM0045, IM0046, IM0047 etc) simply import to AE and check the "Image Sequence" checkbox in the import window.


          If they're NOT named sequentially, you can import them into AE, drag all into a composition, trim as a group to the required duration (probably one frame) then use the "Sequence Layers" animation assistant to spread them across the timeline.