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    Using a text variable in a URL (InDesign CS 5+)


      Is it at all possible to have a text variable added to a hyperlink/url?


      We investigating a video tracking service, which can give us information about what a customer watches, how much etc once they follow a URL. As the links are provided in a formal presnetation PDF we're wondeirng if there's a way to apply a unique URL (specific to them) to be applied per recipient (i.e, using an email address).


      As the PDFs are sent out by a sales teams (with limited ID knowledge), we've limited the number of changes they need to make to customise the InDesign document — i.e, they change the client name and, using text variables, the entire document is updated accordingly.


      So now, we're hoping we may be able to somehow use a text variable, or similar approach, to provide each PDF with a unique URL for the links within the document — so we can track what's being watched, how much etc.


      Make sense?


      Any help greatly appreciated.