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    submit to email address based on input




      I work for a private medical practice and I want to know if FormsCentral has the capability to submit the response to a form to a specific email address based upon the input from our patients.


      For example, if a patient indicates on the form that s/he wants to make a new appointment, when the form is submitted, I want the response to be sent to our scheduling department.  Alternately, if a patient has a question about a medication side effect, I want them to be able to choose their provider from a drop down menu and then have the form submitted to that clinician.  I understand that I can designate various email addresses to receive form submissions, but the whole point is that I do not want to sort through messages that are not pertinent to me as a practitioner.


      Is it possible to triage form submissions in this way?  We are in the process of updating our website, but the website designer has no prior experience with FormsCentral and does not know how to proceed.


      If it is not possible using FormsCentral, does anyone know of any way I could do this with other Adobe (or non-Adobe...) software?


      Thank you!