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    Problems with Nvidia Graphics Card after Flash Player 10.3 update


      I still/again have my original problem  - latest versions of Flash and Firefox running on 64bit Windows 7 Professional. I have tried creating a new profile, enabling protected mode and disablling all extensions and plugins (in Firefox). None of this has worked.


      Right-clicking Flash objects (for example the one I can't see, but know is there on this page http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/) and choosing 'Settings' doesn't seem to work for me, nothing happens.



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          tobymathews Level 1

          Ha, and immediately after posting that I found something that seemed to work. My laptop was using its NVidia video card, rather than the integrated Intel one, to run Firefox. I set this to use the integrated card and Flash now seems to be working.



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            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

            I've branched this issue to a new discussion as it was unrelated to the problem the other folks were seeing.


            We continue to widen the number of video cards that we support GPU acceleration on.  It sounds like this is what you're running into. 


            Since it's unrelated to Protected Mode, definitely go back and make sure that you've removed the line from your mms.cfg that you may have added while troubleshooting that problem.  Disabling Protected Mode in general is a bad idea, and will leave you vulnerable to many modern classes of attacks over the long term. 


            If you haven't updated to the latest available drivers for your graphics hardware, please do that.  It may eliminate the issue you're experiencing.


            If that doesn't work, please check out our graphics troubleshooting guide:



            If you're still stuck after this, please file a bug here: http://bugbase.adobe.com/


            Please reply to the thread with the Bug ID, so that I can follow up on it. 


            Also, include the output of dxdiag.


            To do that, click Start > Run

            Type the following, then press [Enter]:


            Click Save All Information