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    3D Camera Track feature in AE CS6 using static video footage


      Today I placed a camera on a tripod at the back of a room so that I could record a presentation that was being made at the front of the room.  During the presentation, the presenter was standing beside or moving in front of a screen that had a PowerPoint presentation on it.  What I want to do is place some animations, movies or images on the screen instead of the PowerPoint slides during parts of the presentation.  My thought was to use the new 3D camera tracker in AE CS6 to paste this alternate content onto the screen using one of the analyzed track points.  When the presenter moves in front of the screen I want it to look like the image is pasted to the screen so the image looks like it is between the screen and presenter and my audience viewing the resultant web videos will be none the wiser.  I have seen this trick performed during one of the Adobe CS6 launch videos, but in this instance, it was dealing with footage that was panning around a person standing near a wall.  My footage, on the other hand is static and does not move.  Is this effect possible in my case?  Many thanks for your help!


      Paul B.