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    CS5.5 ePUB: TOC Marker problems

    Iain Robinson Level 1

      Hi all


      Got a problem with some ePUBs I'm exporting out of CS5.5 (7.5.3). I use the TOC Style feature to generate the navigational menu, which it does, but I had some issues with jumping straight to articles in iBooks. Also I was getting some validation errors that caused me to look at the toc.ncx file - eg, "'toc_marker-4': fragment identifier is not defined in 'OEBPS/blahblah_epub.html'"


      Turns out that although ID puts all the correct "toc_marker" code into the toc.ncx file it doesn't always put the corresponding code into the actual html files themselves. For example, in the toc.ncx file the code relating to my second file is;

      <content src="02_Editorial_epub.html#toc_marker-1"/>


      but in the "02_Editorial_epub.html" file there's no "toc_marker-1" defined anywhere. If I add it in next to the para style that is used for the TOC (and do the same for all the other articles - only 2 out of 18 files were output correctly) then it works fine in iBooks and the validation errors disappear. Example of my fixed code;

      <p id="toc_marker-1" class="A-head-article-title">Editorial</p>


      In case it is relevant, my job is made out of a collection of separate chapters in an ID book - I'm not getting ID to split them up. Also, my first document is just an image of the cover of this title so does not contain the paragraph style I ask ID to include on the TOC, so it does not appear in the TOC (which I'm happy about).


      Does anyone know of any workarounds or is this just another thing we need to fix manually once the ePUB is output? Haven't tested this in the CS6 demo yet but we won't be getting CS6 in the near future so that would not be a great help.




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          wjnp2000 Level 2



          For the first problem, for me, the problem is the paragraph styles. Try this:

          1. In InDesign book: set the style source for the file which contains TOC.

          2. Open the file that not appears on TOC, is the one that causes error, load the paragraph styles from the file that contain the TOC, generally resolve it.


          For the first document: create a frame with Text tool to the format of page dimensions, select style that you put in TOC as level 1, write the "name" and paste the image inside, for epub doesn't need any ajust for options to anchored object. In epub will appears the name and will take you to the cover.


          I hope help you.

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            Iain Robinson Level 1

            Hi wjnp200 - thanks for your reply. The problem is not that some of the articles are missing from the navigation menu - they all appear (apart from the "cover", which I don't want to be included). It's that I'm getting validation errors plus also some odd behaviour when I use the navigation menu in iBooks. I identified that ID isn't writing the ePUB code correctly (as far as I can see) and wondered if anyone had got round this problem.

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              amygfx Level 1

              I never had this problem in CS 5.5 and I wonder if that's because I also put an inline TOC generated from the same TOC style. Try creating a TOC and then deleting it. It might generate those toc markers and not get rid of them when you delete it. I think the bookmarkers appear in the story editor so you don't need to generate the epub to find out if this worked.

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                Iain Robinson Level 1

                Thanks amygfx. Seems like a logical idea. I tried adding in a TOC, even left it in when I made the ePUB, but it didn't make any difference I'm afraid.


                Any other ideas?


                Just to check I'm doing it right, here's my TOC style;



                It's in teh first document in teh book (which is selected as the source) and here's the options I choose when exporting the ePUB;


                Using these settings makes a navigation menu okay but just not correctly!

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                  amygfx Level 1

                  Did you remember to synchronize the book after you made the TOC? I think that step would be necessary for the other documents in the book to get updated with the toc markers.

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                    Iain Robinson Level 1

                    Thanks - I didn't think of that. I did notice that when I created the TOC ID opened (in the background) all the docs, and when I had finished the files all had been resaved with a new time and date, so I assumed the toc markers would have been added then.


                    I have just tried again, synchronising the book as you suggested. I wasn't sure exactly what elements to synchronise, so I synced TOC Styles and Para/Char Styles and made the ePUB again. No different I'm afraid. What are you synchronising?

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                      amygfx Level 1

                      I think you are right and synching is unnecessary to create the links. It just does it automatically. There are no sync options that seem to apply.


                      I just looked at the only epub I made using InDesign that also used the book feature and it seems I took out all the #toc_marker-[nn] from the toc.ncx after the fact. I now have CS6 at work but I still have CS5.5 at home so when I go home, I'll regenerate the epub and see if the links work. I'm thinking now there may be a bug that I forgot about since I found an easy work-around. Incidentally, I used grep find/replace in Text Wrangler to get rid of the unwanted jump links so it was easy. I think the grep was something like #toc_marker-\d+


                      I hardly ever use the book feature now so I didn't completely remember. Sorry to send you on a wild goose chase.

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                        Iain Robinson Level 1

                        No worries - all ideas gratefully received! Would be interested to see if you have the same problems in CS5.5 at home - make sure I'm not going mad!

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                          amygfx Level 1

                          Sorry, I could not replicate your problem. In CS 5.5, I tried outputting it using the TOC style. The toc markers were made just fine. And this is without having a toc in the book anywhere. So I'm not sure why you are having this problem.


                          Incidentally, I think I originally had InDesign make the toc.ncx using the documents in the book, which it does when don't use a TOC style. That's why there were no toc markers.