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      What are the roles and responsibilities of flex developer in blazeds application?


      Actually i am a flex developer by profession and having 2.5 years of experience of developing client side flex application with backend support of php using AMFPHP.Till now,our team member(only flex) interact with the backend team members(php members) and got the data as they want.


      But now i want to connect flex client to java using BLAZEDS OR LCDS ES , so i want to know that is the procedure will remains the same that flex developers now interact with the backend java developers as they did with php developers or flex developer have to manage the server of their own and write java code themselves.




      Thank you in advance.........

          drkstr_1 Level 4

          The protocol is designed so the specific server implementation should not matter. Sometimes you will run into quarks here and there (usually with collection classes or custom serialization), but for the most part, any data service implementation worth it's salt should be interchangeable without any modifications to the flex app, except for maybe the service config file.

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            SHIVANG SANGHI Level 1



            but a question arise in my mind by ur reply,means the flex developer need not to work on java,Am i right??

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              drkstr_1 Level 4

              It is usually common for teams with multiple developers to have a division of responsibilities between back-end (Java, PHP, .NET, etc) developers and front-end (HTML, Flex, Silverlight, etc.) developers. This makes it easier to divide up the work on a clear "boarder," so both sides can work in tandem with little interference.


              That being said, it may be beneficial for front-end developers to have a little bit of flexibility to make minor changes to the back end if the project is not clearly defined ahead of time. And as always, the feedback loop between designers, front-end developers, and back-end developers, should be kept as short as possible to achieve the greatest flexibility.



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