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    Script "blocks" certain applications

    MrLeif Level 1

      I'm running a script that runs from 15 minutes to an hour (or more).

      Many applications (web browser, office applications etc.) work fine while the script is running.

      (I'm using Windows 7/64)


      The script creates 50-200 indd files, and pdf files of these.


      But, one of the programs I use most, UltraEdit is "blocked" (not responding)..

      Windows Explorer is also "problematic",sometimes I can use it, sometimes its reacting slow (and not responding)..

      (It works perfectly when the script is not running)


      Anyone else have similar experiences? Any solutions?

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          What script language, Javascript or Visual Basic?


          I've noticed the same with Javascripts; especially Internet Explorer seems affected. It gets slow, crashy, buggy, and rather unreliable in general (well, more than it usually does, I'm just sayin').


          It seems Windows only uses "one Javascript engine" for all applications, or something of that ilk. Do you happen to know if UltraEdit uses JS internally?

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            MrLeif Level 1

            It's JavaScript.

            I've posted in the UltraEdit forums also, and will update if I find out more.

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              MrLeif Level 1

              It seems its not about UltraEdit.

              Internet Explorer is affected, Firefox not so much, Windows Explorer also locks, but sometimes it helps to open a new explorer  window..


              From UltraEdit forums;

              UltraEdit has the JavaScript core built-in. But that should not be a problem here as the JavaScript core is really completely within UltraEdit and there are no external dependencies. Also the JavaScript core is only used when running an UltraEdit script within UltraEdit.

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                [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                So they claim it's just a coincidence? Even though I was spot on with my random, unfounded, just-thrown-in-for-completeness'-sake guess that UE just might be using JS?


                I have no idea how "Javascript" in general works. Adobe sez it's not using Javascript but rather "ECMAScript" (of which Javascript is merely a dialect). The .NET framework on Microsoft Windows (so, presumably, UltraEdit) also uses ECMAScript, but neither Adobe nor Microsoft indicate whether this support comes from a shared system resource, and if so which one.


                You might want to try a dedicated MS forum because even though InDesign is affected/affects others, it sounds like a system-wide problem.

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                  MrLeif Level 1


                  I will. Thanks for showing interest

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                    [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                    This is new ... got this attempting to do *anything* else while running quite an extensive ID javascript. Seems my system is lacking the jajaja to handle two jobs at a time.





                    (Oh boy was I tempted to select 'restart', just to see what happens next! Instead, I chose to count my fingers until the computer got responsive again.)

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                      Vamitul Level 4

                      just a shot in the dark, but maby it is a hardware problem? Indesign writes every operation it does on disk. I think UltraEdit does soemthing similar. All the apps mentioned use the HDD extensivly. Mabye the harddrive is just not capable of precessing so many concurent access requests.

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                        MrLeif Level 1

                        I believe you might be on to something.

                        It varies when and how much it "blocks".

                        After I've tried to find a pattern, I've also noticed that everything runs much smoother after a reboot.

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                          MrLeif Level 1

                          I'm a man of many windows... I'm currently running the script, and it will go for another hour I guess..

                          Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) also hangs when UltraEdit does. 

                          So before I was going to open new "fresh" Explorer windows, I closed all 5 that was open.

                          And immediately, it seemed UltraEdit went to the chiropractor and got everything back into place...

                          So what I get out of that, is that it is a InDesign/Explorer issue, and UltraEdit inherits symptoms from Explorer?

                          What the connection here?  Anyway. If it works..

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                            RorohikoKris Level 2

                            A wild guess: in the innermost or 'close to innermost' loops of your script, add some $.sleep(100) statements. That'll slow the script down, but hopefully those will give breathing room to other apps on the system. If it works, you'll need to experiment to find a balance between keeping the script fast and the rest of the apps responsive. Maybe $.sleep(10) or $.sleep(1) will work too - experimentation needed...