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    Orientation problem with iOS for landscape is there a fix?

    GameDesignProfessor Level 1

      Hello all,

      I would like to set my game to LANDSCAPE permanently


      I have an Action Script Project for iOS and I am having a problem with the Orientation: Here is my app file function for the aspect ratio:


      public function KnockemOff_Mobile_iOS()


                  trace (flash.system.Capabilities.version);

                  trace (flash.system.Capabilities.os);

                  trace (flash.system.Capabilities.playerType);



                  // Initialize the game when stage is ready




                      addEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, init);


                  var ver:String = flash.system.Capabilities.version.substr(0,3);

                  if (ver == "AND")


                      //[SWF(width="1024", height="600", backgroundColor="#000000", frameRate="60")]







      Here is the app.xml file code for orientation:




      It would not except the <aspectRatio>LANDSCAPE</aspectRatio> tag