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    Such a big price difference




      Does someone know why there's such a huge difference between price in $ and price in Euro?

      I checked the price of Premiere CS6 full English it cost 799$ at international store and 1,087 Euro in Italian Adobe Online Store even to make 1:1 exchange rate it's very great the difference.


      Question n.2 I have another Premiere licence 5.1 which isn't listed on upgrade menu can I apply for a special offer to some address?


      Thanks for helping.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The price difference between Europe and the US/Canada is being explained by Adobe as the different support policies that apply. In Europe you have free support, in the US/Canada you have to pay for it.


          Personally I think this is a crap argument, given the track record of Adobe support, but it may make sense to the marketeers. Now, I may not be the regular Adobe user, but that support argument does not apply to me, your case may be different, but given the choices, I rather buy in the US using physical delivery to a US address and have it shipped out to Europe by a friend than paying the extravagant price in Europe just to get free support, which in practice means I have to teach these support guys what they should be testing/solving.


          CAUTION: Non-US credit card payments are not accepted for US delivery. You have to figure out a way to buy CS6 with a US credit card number. It really looks like discrimination and not from the internet age, but Adobe really should make a more uniform pricing policy and payment acceptance on a global scale.

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            delfinoangelo Level 1

            Thanks again Millaard,


            I don't need support at all, at least for using Premiere.


            In fact, I don't understand in internet era to buy locally and not where price is cheaper...as well as if someone has an old premiere licence why cannot upgrade. This prevent me from switching media composer use to premiere.


            Anyhow, thank you for the very kind reply.



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              BOSU BABU Level 1

              I placed order with Toofarm for upgradation to cs6 with US card & with my Mail ID. They have figured out  that I am from outside US .They said they need a US based email address such as gmail or hotmail in order to complete my order due to Adobe’s strict territorial policies.As I will be running into trouble with someothers mail ID at US for upgradation , I cancelled my order & Placed order with in my country(India) which has costed me 30% more.--Bosu Babu

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                Just wondering if this would work with the download option... I'm wanting to upgrade from CS5.5, so if I were to get a US friend to purchase the download upgrade in the US, would I be able to use their licence key to unlock a trial version that I download here in the UK?




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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  As far as I know (this is a user to user forum, you will have to ask Adobe to be sure) purchasing a download ties the serial number to the person making the purchase... at least I know that when I have purchased via the Adobe store, I am later able to go to my account page and my serial number is listed next to my purchase


                  So, no, I do not think you will be able to use a serial number that belongs to someone else... since (if I am right) that would cause problems with BOTH of your Adobe accounts

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                    XianMedia Level 1

                    Thanks John! Looks like I'll just have to pay the ridiculous price difference Definitely would rather NOT have to pay for this support - which I have never used since purchasing CS4.