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    Why is the character style for hyperlinks not displaying correctly in design mode/viewing/output?


      I am using RH9 and generating WebHelp, and I needed to globally bump up the font size of just my hyperlinked text. I went into my Style Sheet > Character tab, changed the font size of the various character settings for hyperlinks, and clicked Apply and then OK. Normally, this would change all of my hyperlink text font sizes immediately across all of my topics. However, this time, it made no changes to any existing hyperlinked text, and it only affected new hyperlinks that I subsequently added. For the existing hyperlinks, I can only manually change the font size of the each hyperlink one at a time, but that's crazy (there's 100's in this help).


      I can successfully change other characters styles and paragraph styles. This issue only affects the hyperlink character styles. It also shows up in all RH modes - Design mode, viewing, and in the final output.


      Is this an indication of a corrupted style sheet or some other combination of events that I have yet to discover?