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    Premiere CS6 hangs on DV batch capture

    Dominic Witherow Level 1

      I have easily and successfully logged all my clips via FW from my DV camera - no probs at all there.  But, when I try to batch capture them the tape automatically cues as expected then the whole system hangs and I just have the beachball of death spinning away for eternity.  The rest of my computer works fine, just PP hanging.


      This is the first time I have tried to capture from tape in PP CS6, as I usually work with files.


      My system is:


      Mac Pro 5,1

      6 core 3.33GHz

      12 GB RAM

      Nvidia GTX285 Mac version

      OSX 10.7.4 (Lion latest version)

      CS6 fully updated today (13th June 2012) with latest fixes


      Any ideas?  I'll be dusting off FCP in the meantime ...


      Thanks in advance.