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    Samsung Galaxy Note. Why not compatible?

    zarrdave Level 2

      The Samsung Galaxy Note now seems to meet all hardware and software technical requirements of this software so will Adobe be bringing out an Android version thats compatable with it now? Ok, its technically not a tablet I know (its a Phablet - hybrid of a phone and tablet) and Adobe will say its designed for a tablet only and larger screen size ( the resolution is more important & meets requirements - its just visably smaller), but why not compatible? The Galaxy Note has an ample processor, GPU, screen resolution, IceCreamSandwich OS, stylus etc, and there are unoficial hacks available if your that way inclined which run fine on the Note, so its perfectly possible. If hackers/ coders can do it, why can or wont Adode do it officially and make the millions of Note users happy too?


      For designers like myself it seems a major inconvenience to have to purchase yet another device if the one I already have which can do the job.


      Come on Adobe, whats the hold up? At least explain WHY it cant supposedly support it (but we've seen it running so make it a good excuse please). Note users have had the excuse of the OS not being capable but now ICS is out, there seems to be no more excuses.