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    White border/line on a cut out image (after apply a plug-in)


      Here's the thing happens :

      1- BEFORE (a clean cutted image) :  http://img4.ressim.net/out.php/i5801318_1-jpg
      2- Using a plugin (also with others): http://img4.ressim.net/out.php/i5801319_2-jpg

      3- AFTER (white border) : http://img4.ressim.net/out.php/i5801320_3-jpg




      This is so interesting.
      I use ''knockout2, remask3'' for cutting and ''Imagenomic Portraite'' for retouching.
      That never happened in CS4 32-bit.


      Now i use CS6 64-bit and whenever i APPLY an effect/filter (include PS's Refine Edge) or plugin, there happens a strong white border/line on the image.


      I can delete it by using so many ways like ''contract'' but it kills the details.


      Can somebody tell me why is that happening?
      This must be an option or something cuz it never happened in any other photoshops that i used.
      I used the same plugins.