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    Transparent edge bug in image size reduction using bicubic

    maeda jon

      I'm using Photoshop CS6 (64-bit) and ACR 7.1, all patched to the latest version today (13 June), and running Windows 7 64-bit. When I reduce the image size of an originally smart object using bicubic, the edges will be somewhat transparent, creating an ugly border around the image.


      Step 1: Open a raw file. ACR 7.1 will pop up. The raw file is a CR2 file produced by Canon EOS 7D. Workflow option: sRGB, 16 bit, 3888x2592.

      Step 2: Press shift+click the Open button to open it as smart object.

      Step 3. Right click the layer and choose rasterize layer. When you zoom the image, there is nothing wrong in the edges.

      Step 4: Resize the image (CTRL+ALT+I) for example to 300x200 using Bicubic resampling (bicubic auto, whatever).




      The edges (outermost 1 pixel) will be transparent! See attached image.


      This doesn't happen:

      * in photoshop cs5

      * if I use bilinear or other resampling

      * if I import the file from ACR to PS as a normal bitmap (not using shift+click)


      Anyone know what's going on here? My workflow involves opening files from Camera Raw as smart object, so if there is any workaround until the next patch I will be very glad.