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    WSDL to Chart/Graph

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      I'm trying to convince my company to start using Flex for BI projects because of it's ability to produce impressive dashboards and scorecards. It's a .NET shop and probably very little chance of using Flex Data Services (at least, at first).

      I'm looking for good examples of graphing and charting Web Service data. I've looked all around for this, and it seems like it's not as simple as making the WebService a chart's dataprovider. There's usually some intermediary step (setting up models, parsing the data into other datatypes, etc...), all which complicate the "simplicity" that I'm trying to sell to my company.

      Is there a simple means (and by simple, something someone could write in a demo and have the audience follow along) for charting Web Service data in Flex. I realize that it's not always this simple, but I'm looking for an approach or examples to make for an intriguing demo.

      Any recommendations, methodologies, examples would be most appreciated!

      Thanks in advance!