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    Titles missing on export CS6 Win7

    ExactImage Level 3

      The first time this happened I assumed it was some sort of glitch..... now this one got me mad.


      I have a sequence with 3 intro title screens over a black background.  All titles were created in the Title Editor.  There is a fade in, fade out on each of the three titles.


      I imported this part of the sequence from a project that another editor worked on, and all initialy seemed OK.


      However, when I exported the sequence the titles were missing and all I got were black frames.   I went back to check the sequence for playback and the fades we now missing (they are present but have no efect) but at least the titles showed.


      I re-tried exporting and still the titles were missing!


      I double clicked on the titles to load them back in to the editor then closed the editor.  Now everything works (including fades) on playback AND export.


      This just cost me 9 hours of rendering I didn't really have time to waste, and as I said it's not the first time it's happened.


      Any ideas what could cause this?    And yes I'll submit a bug report, but has any one else seen this problem?