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    Data Connection of XML Schema works on my pc but not on my web server...


      My pdf runs properly on my pc with a data connection (XML Schema) and it points to an xsd file on my web server and my form properties preview data file points to the corresponding xml file on my web server. As soon as I move the pdf to the web server, the data stops appearing in the pdf. I've been researching this issue for days, I hope someone out there can help. The only thing I found on the web server in the logs was the W3SVC1 log shows a get for the xsd and xml on port 80 with a sc-status of 200 and a sc-substatus of 0 and a sc-win32-status of 0. Please help:)


      I've made sure that the pdf, xsd and xml are all in the same directory on the web server and the xml appears to be referencing the xsd correctly.


      This is the behavior I see:

      On my pc, my dropdown menu is populated with names from the xml file.

      On the web server, the dropdown menu is not populated with names, it's blank (no error messages).