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    Adobe Prelude & Premiere Pro

    LivingLens tv Level 1

      Trying to attached metadata to a video with Prelulde & Premiere CS6, like you could do with OnLocation & Story Script (Below image), by creating a placeholder within OnLocation with the astx file and dragging the video.


      Does anybody know how to do this with Prelude, it doesnt seem as straight forward as it used to be?Capture.PNG

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          jstrawn Adobe Employee

          Ingest clip(s) into prelude, then select one (or more) and go to window>metadata and edit its properties, and they will stick with the fiel when it is sent to PrPro (and vice-versa). You will see additional metadata display options accessible from that panels' wing menu.


          That said, you could also do the same in PrPro and bypass the prelude step if needed. A powerful tool in prelude is to use markers to create and organize metadata. Try out the different marker types and edit them in the marker list panel and you will see that it's a pretty powerful workflow that will proliferate on clips when they are sent to prpro.

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            LivingLens tv Level 1

            I understand this may change the properties in Prelude however, I still can see how you can insert an astx file like you could do with OnLocation i.e. drag and drop?


            I have also tried this direct with Premiere and attaching a Story Script  however, it keeps on coming up with the below even though both sequence / scene numbers are the same?