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    Must Reset File Type Every Time I Open Files


      Has anyone else been suffering this problem of having to re-set the file type each and every blessed time they want to open up a new file from within Photoshop (this is not a problem if you use Bridge)? There is no preference for this action and it is inexplicable that Adobe would make it this way unless they are determined that one can only open files using Bridge. If anyone has found a workaround please post it here.


      Thanks so much.


      Harry Abernathy

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Which platform?

          What exactly is happening when you do what?

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            Level 5

            That is so bizarre, that I fail to understand what you're seeing.  

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              Curt Y Level 7

              Glad someone else is puzzeled also.


              From your description it sounds like you open a jpg image and it shows up as a tiff.


              Perhaps an example would help.

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Documents don't have file types.  That said, under some conditions if you might find the same file name and type being saved as was opened.


                I think the key here is that Photoshop expects you to save your work in a format that can carry all the features your document has accumulated.  For example, if you open a JPEG but then add some layers, then it will want to save your master document via File - Save As using the PSD or TIFF file type, which can maintain those layers.


                Does this help describe what's going on for you?



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                  haber456789 Level 1

                  Oh my, it seemed so obvious to me and now I see where the difficulty must lie and also this is clearly an issue

                  only with my set-up. All of which is very helpful. Imagine you are in Photoshop and you go to the file menu and pull

                  down to "open file". The desktop changes and you are confronted with a small or large source (desktop, computer,

                  whatever) which has any number of files available to choose from. However, the only files which are not "grayed out"

                  (that is: not accessible) are other file folders and if you open one of them, you find all of the contents are also

                  "grayed out" and not accessible. Well, clearly that isn't happening for you and it is always happening for me.


                  So, I go to the bottom of the page and see two horizontal menu bars and a check box. The first horizontal menu bar

                  says "Enable" and it is empty until I scroll down to the bottom of that menu bar and choose "All documents". Now

                  every documents is lit up and available. And I must do this every time I chose "open file" from the menus in Photoshop.


                  It's not the end of the world but it's a pain and it forces me to do all of my file loading from Bridge. I am assuming

                  (apparently wrongly) that this is Adobe's effort to change my ways and use Bridge more but that's a bit paranoid

                  for me so I have to assume that it's a glitch.


                  As I said, you have all responded in wonder and I don't blame you. If this didn't happen every single darn time, I would

                  be as surpriesd as you.


                  And my rig is a mac pro with Lion 10.7 and the latest CS6 Photoshop. I have been around the block a few time and this software

                  is a long ways from being new to me. If there is a hidden preference panel that I am not remembering, don't hesitate to

                  bring it to my addled pate's attention. I have no doubts that the issue is simply resolved but I'm danged if I can figure it



                  Thanks for the audience to my frustration. I buy a round for everyone if someone can clue me in.


                  All the best,


                  Harry Abernathy