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    Fastest way to add multiple scripture references in a 1 hour clip without multiple new titles


      I am working on a project for a minister of 100 1 hour video sessions in which he uses multiple scripture references.  He wants these overlaid while he is reading them.  I'm currently finding where he starts reading, copying and pasting from a previous title (that's the title and the animated background), and then duplicating the title, editing it, deleting the old one in the timeline, replacing it with the new one, and finally adding the dissolves on both ends.  This seems a little labor intensive for what I'm wanting to do.  Is there an easier way?  When I was using final cut they had a simple text tool, that I could copy and paste and edit without changing each instance of that text like a title does.  Is there something similar in premiere? I am hoping for a simple, copy, paste, edit, done.


      Thank You.