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    Wacom / Accessibility.api & Acrobat Remembering Tool Preferences

    smithany Level 1

      I have win 7 x 64 and a new isntall of an updated Adobe Acrobat X Pro.


      Basically on any machine with acrobat pro (almost any version) when you first plug in and install a WACOM tablet, you sort of enable an otherwise hidden functionality of Acrobat, part of the Accessiblity.api in the acrobat directory.  Problem with that is every time you open a file, it asks if you want to scan it automatically for such and such (whatever it is)


      I always remove that api from the adobe acrobat folder because it disables this "feature" which gets pretty annoying as it pops up everytime you open a file.


      However, upon removing accessibility.api, you also lose the ability for Acrobat to remember the last tool you had selected in the program.  Until plugging in my WACOM tablet, the program was able to remember that i always use the Hand (pan) tool.


      Now it defaults to the select tool regardless of what I do (which I really dont like because you accidentally click on printed PDFs which selects all or part of an image, both potentially wasting free memory and all the sudden its shaded in blue, making it harder to proof before doing something with it).


      Suffice to say, I like having the hand tool everytime I open a PDF document, right clicking and hitting the letter d is a bit of a pain with my workflow.


      Any suggestions?