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    inDesign CS5 and inCopy CS6 workflow problem


      I've looked at other discussions and haven't found any to answer the question to our problem.


      We are a small publishing company and we have license for roughly 7 inDesign CS5 copies that we purchased a year ago.  We contract with outside editors to edit content for us using inCopy.  For a year there hasn't been any problems.  But any new contracted editor we now sign, which in turn purchases inCopy, we are having trouble with our files talking to one another.  Any new contracted editors are only able to purchase CS6 inCopy.  This leaves us with the problem of having inDesign CS5 on about 7 or so of our employees machines and 6-8 CS 5.5 InCopy on outside contracted editors and an additional 3-4 contracted editors with CS6 inCopy.  When the editors with CS6 inCopy try to open files from our InDesign CS5, either they won’t open at all, or they will open, the editor works on the project for awhile, their program crashes and they are not able to recover (re-open) the files again.  Which results in hours of lost work.


      Has anyone else come across this problem?  Is there a work around or a quick fix.  We would hate to have to upgrade to CS6 for all of our in house copies of InDesign and then ask our outside editors what do have inCopy cs5.5 to upgrade to CS6. 


      If this is the case, when CS7 comes out, and we hire additional outside editors, will we continuously have to go through the process of upgrades again?  This is too costly for use and our existing contracted editors.


      Any thoughts are assistance would be appreciated.


      This is one of the error messages received from an outside contracted editor using inCopy CS6.  The file crashed after several hours of work, when the editor went to reopen the file, they received this error.  Which looks to be a generic error code that doesn't tell us anything.


      Screen shot 2012-06-04 at 5.43.48 AM.jpg

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          Alec Molloy Employee Moderator

          Hi Ruffus,


          Unfortunately different versions of InDesign and InCopy do not work well with each other. Newer versions of the program should be able to open older files, but they cannot save backwards. I am not sure what is causing the errors with the newer versions of InCopy however.


          Are you able to open the CS6 InCopy files on your computers?