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    Why is the strain on my laptop so much larger using CS6




      I have a HP Laptop i7 with an upgrade to 16GB of Ram.   The CPU always ran between 5 and   10 percent The Ram upgrad made CS 5.5  preview window go back in sync. Hooray!


      But since I liked CS 5.5 I thought why not go to CS6.


      Now my CPU hits 100 percent but RAM does not increase as it did before.   The preview is jerky and out of sync.


      I don't know if this is also an issue.  But when I export to H.264 for Vimeo 720P HD a 2 Min video takes 3 hours to render.


      One thing I am asking is.   Although I like cool new things,  I should be using CS 5.5 instead.  Shouldn't I?


      Thank you



      I am saving up for a  new motherboard,CPU and Ram as I learned that Desktop processors are more powerful for editing.