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    A little help w/a tut?

    Kar209 Level 1



      I hope it's okay to post this question in this forum.


      I'm working on an other tut and it seems to me that quite possibly there's a step or two missing from the instructions. So, I am hoping that someone may be able & willing to help me out.


      Below is the link to the tut:




      In step #4 it says to create a New Group. However, I do not see why a new group is needed. Any thoughts?


      Most importantly in step #8 I'm a bit lost. It says to create an ellipse with the Ellipse tool but it doesn't seem logical.


      In step #7 the pen doesn't have the golden tip at the bottom. Then in step #8 it shows the pen with a golden tip and all it says is to create an ellipse with the Ellipse tool and fill with the listed Layer Styles. However, I just do not see how creating an ellipse is going to create the golden tip shape nor can I image that if it is meant to encircle the end of the "extended pen" that it would change the coloring of just the end of the pen.


      Any ideas?


      I am thinking that I should probably just use the Pen tool in Shape mode to create a new shape that can be the golden tip. I am not advanced enough to know any other way which I am alomost certain there are probably many other ways.


      When I started I didn't realize that it's an advanced tut and now that I've started I can't bring myself to give up. I'm pretty much retentive that way. Once I start something I must finish.


      As always I appreciate your time and efforts.


      All my best,


      ps. using cs6 & the tut is for cs6

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Kara, my browser won't load that link, or anything from that site.


          [EDIT]  OK I have manage to find it now, and will check it out shortly



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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            OK Kara,  I'm home again.


            The new group thing is just to help you stay organised, exactly the same as your file folders in Windows or (I assume) Mac operating systems.  You can either start by clicking on the New Group icon in the Layers menu, placing subsequent layers in that group, or you can work the asme that I do, and that is to create layers on the fly, and when I want to organise them, select those layers, and click on New Group icon while holding down the Shift key.


            You can give your groups meaningful names, and nest groups within groups.


            Groups have little drop down triangles in the layers panel to collapse or expand the group.  With a group expanded, you can move layers into that group by moving them up or down the layers stack with Ctrl [ (down) or Ctrl ] (up)  That would be Cmd [ and Cmd ] on a Mac.


            Incidentally, that is quite a nice tutorial, although there are always several ways to achieve similar results in Photoshop.  The tutorial suggests producing the 3D cylindrical look of the pen with layer styles. but I would simply fill with the base colour, and use the Dodge tool to produce the highlight.


            If you like using Photoshop for illustrations, then check ot Steve Caplin's  'How to Cheat at Photoshop' (The CS6 version is due out in July) and '100% Photoshop'.



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              Kar209 Level 1

              Hello Trevor ... and thank you so much for your reply.


              It's about 2am where I am and I have been having browser problems all evening so I thought I would check one more time to see if this page would load again and poof here I am


              Thank you so much for your reply!! However, I am quite exhausted so I can't cognate all too well at this point. I'll check back tomarrow mid to late evening when I return home so that I can reread your post.


              I hope to chat with you again. As always I totally appreciate your time!!


              Thank you for the tip about Steve Caplin


              Hope you're having a wonderful day/night




              ps. sorry, forgot to mention i'm a pc user

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                Kar209 Level 1

                Hello Trevor


                Thank You for explaining Groups to me. I still managed to make a mess of my layers,folders and groups nonetheless. However, it was the first time working with them for me. I'm going to attempt organizing them tomorrow.


                The tut says to select the pen and then make it a smart object ( i must read up on what a smart object is exactly), however, my pens' layers are like the "Mystery Meat" websites from days of ole. lol

                So, I am uncertain if I will be able to make it a smart object.


                I wanted to make the image smaller but when I highlight all the layers and then use the transform > scale it pretty much falls apart. Maybe I should merge  all the layers? If I do merge all of them can I still make the image a smart object? (Suppose I'll find out when I try, huh?) lol)


                It's been a long day.


                Anyway, here is my first attempt. I'm going to attempt the envelope part of the tut tomorrow.


                Let me know what you think of the pen. But, remember ... I've only been doing this for about 3 months.




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                  Kar209 Level 1

                  ps. this was the first time i used the pen tool ... thus ... a pen