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    HELP- did the update create this problem?


      My Ps Touch won't allow me to send an image directly, from my photo gallery, to be edited.    Instead I have to open ps touch first then go searching for my photo, which can be time consuming.  Is there a way to fix this issue?


      It never did it before, so hopefully it's an easy fix.


      Love the app,

      Tammy K.

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          Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee



          What kind of image are you trying to open? Which device are you on?


          If I understand it correctly you want to open it from a file browser so that it opens up in PS Touch as a layer?

          If this is what you mean it is up to the file browser. Some file browsers allow you to open files directly (also known as intents on Android ) - some however don't.


          If you once checked the use by default for certain images it will not allow you to chose the application to open it anymore. It could be that you once checked this setting for another application. You can clear the intent for a certain application:

          by clearing "Launch by Default" setting in the App info (Settings/App/"Application" if you are noticing that another application is reacting instead of PS Touch.




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            RETROREDHEAD8 Level 1

            After a lot of trial and error, I figured out that you can't have a lot of images on the Ps Touch start page.    It clogs it up, I guess.  As soon as I organized them into files, I was able to click on an image and send it directly to ps touch, to edit.  As long as I keep it all organized, which I should anyhow, it runs smooth and hassle free.