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    Footnotews behind objects

    M2700HD Level 1

      Why are my footnotes placed behind objects I have placed at the bottum of the coloums? They are placed in the same layer as the footnote source and the source text is wrapped around the object. Why is the footnote not wrapped?

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          InDesign does not wrap text in footnotes.


          This behavior has bothered me since the first version in which they appeared -- CS2. (Counting ...) SIX versions ago. Not a SINGLE improvement since then.

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            M2700HD Level 1

            Thank you for your consoling words. Let's hope that Peter Spier will come up with a solution. Until then I get around the problem by drawing up the bottom of the textbox - and if this isn't possible if the object doesn't cover the whole bottom, by dividing the text boxes into the same size as my colums so I can draw up the box in question.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              M2700HD wrote:


              Let's hope that Peter Spier will come up with a solution.

              When did I get promoted to diety?


              First, if Jongware hasn't got a good workaround, I'd say there isn't one to be had because he's actually a lot smarter than I am and does a lot more work with footnotes, and second, I'm just a poor schnook like the rest of you, making feature requests and hoping they'll get implemented one day soon.


              I do know that the poeple on the development team who handle things like footnotes are well aware that nothing new has been done in years, and that there are a lot of users that need improvements, and I think if it were left entirely up to the engineers we'd be seeing things happen. The problem has always been about money, and where to spend it to get the most flash for the buck. For the last year or so the focus has clearly been on the emerging eBook (as a genereic term) and mobil device markets. Personally, I blame the young folks who never knew a world with rotary dial phones (and only one phone company), black and white TV, and slide rules for doing complex calculations, and of course without computers, even the kind that filled entire airconditioned rooms and were dumber than your cell phone.

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                M2700HD Level 1

                Sorry about the promotion. I thought that you were more or less employed by Abobe since you are charachterrized as Community Professional in red, since you answer a lot of  questions, since your solutions are very useful and since your answers has a white background colur instead of the grey one used for us ordinary Community members.


                I am always astonished when I meet a non existing feature since I think that InDesign is the most professional desktop publishing program and since I paid $1,560 to get the Danish CS4 version in Denmark even if I only use the program in private regi. In USA you only pay about half that price!


                But please go on with your very useful comments!

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  ACPs are just more or less ordinary users with a knack for helping out. http://www.adobe.com/communities/professionals/

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