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    Using the Wacom tablet on CS6


      I am on the creative cloud and have down loaded and successfully installed PS6.  I am a professional illustrator and use the Wacom tablet.  My concern is with the pen pressure effect not staying on.  I have went to help option on PS6 and checked for updates and down loaded them with no results and called support as well please help. I went to the Wacom sit as well to check to if my drivers are updated and they are, and called their support as well with no results.  I understand that PS6 is a new product and that I may have to wait for patches, that is fine.  If there are any other options please advise.

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          Sharon Huang Level 3


          Are you talking about that the pen pressure is interrupted randomly while you are illustrating? Or that you could not get to be detected at all? I work with a Wacom tablet as well on Photoshop CS6. From experience I find that I need to plug in or connect my tablet wirelessly to my computer prior to starting up the Photoshop software or else pen pressure will not be detected.



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            jcortez@switchlv.com Level 1

            Thank you Sharon, I have a 21 UX.  I don't have a wireless, but sounds cool.  My pen detection is good it's the PS pen pressure simulation that is messed up.  When I am sketching it will randomly turn off on me.  Hitting control or command Z all the time starts to suck after a while.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              Intuos4 with latest driver on Windows7 64 bit, and have not any problems with pen pressure.  There are bound to mac users here with various Wacom tablets, so any of you guys have problems?

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                jcortez@switchlv.com Level 1

                So is there a fix for the 21 UX Wacom Tablet?

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                  jcortez@switchlv.com Level 1

                  When I say turn off I mean that the pen pressure is turned off and I get a one wieght thinkness line.

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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    I don't have a tablet, but people on this forum have reported success after just uninstalling and reinstalling the tablet drivers.  If you run out of direct approaches, that could be worth trying.



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                      Actually I am having similar issues with Photoshop CS6 extended and the Wacom Intuos2 tablet, that is, there's a variable that CS6 will not work...in my case, it's tilt and rotation.  I can get pressure sensitivity to work, but Photoshop CS6 doesn't respond to tilt or rotation.  (This is frustrating as I have a painting project coming up in a Photoshop class and I can't get the brush to work right...).  Pressure response is fine for me, but the computer will not register the tilt of the pen.  When I try it in a different program on my computer (Corel Painter 12), the mouse icon and pen strokes all show that the program is receiving and processing pen tilt, rotation, orientation (pen tip vs. eraser) and pressure.  When I try my tablet on Photoshop CS5 on the Mac in my classroom, Photoshop CS5 also responds to pen tilt, rotation, orientation, and pressure.


                      I have thus far completely deleted the Wacom drivers and reinstalled them with the latest driver version.  This has had no effect.  From all I can tell, the tablet seems to be working, but CS6 extended isn't reading.  What am I missing here?

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                        KanesMind Level 1

                        After three back-and-forth sessions with Adobe, I think I stumbled on to the solution by accident.  It seems that Adobe Photoshop CS6 extended does NOT like it when you custom-map your tablet area to your screen.  I had my tablet area constrained to match the proportions on my screen, and for some reason that prevents photoshop from reading tilt information.

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                          Level 7

                          Photoshop doesn't even know about the custom mapping - that's all done in the driver software.

                          And Photoshop gets tilt, rotation, etc. all from the tablet driver.  If Photoshop doesn't see those values, it's generally because the driver isn't telling Photoshop about them.