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    flash / shockwave & facebook issue

    de bult 2

      Hello all,


      Im writing this part because I have a problem with either shockwave or flash & facebook games.

      Using the facebook link ( http://apps.facebook.com/playcastleville/?fb_source=bookmark_apps&ref=bookmarks&count=30&f b_bmpos=2_30 ) in my account ofcourse. ( would suggest using your own because dont see facebook differing in customers delivered service aka the game ).

      So in facebook i start the application shochwave / flash while playing castlevile on the facebook.com.

      I can play random times and flash stops working providing a error " flash has stopped working ( ! ) .

      Chrome forwards a popup with the note adobe shockwave plugin has stopped working.

      This started 5-10 days ago ( give or take ) with no other software installed by user.


      Automatic updates were on and installed, i backtracked system restore to a date before it stopped working. This didnt help.

      I downloaded / installed newest versions of flash / shockwave. issue still occurs.

      I placed the "use xx amount of HDD " to undefined aka use what you want more less. issue same

      I turned back to internet explorer, setup'd and ready to use armed with the newest versions of flash / shockwave and internet explorer issue still occurs.

      I turned to mozilla firefox the game doesnt load.


      I saw a sligh increase in mem usage over the time, meaning it could run out of mem ( maybe ) so increased paging file just to be sure. to 2K above the advised lvl.

      minimum system requirements quad core proc / 2010 mobo / nvidia 9800 or better 6k or ram. windows 7 64 bits running smooth and flashy.

      Personally i like it stripped and bare / classic, but then again it isnt my computer so.... flashy.

      hmm its a Asus n55s laptop i think ( writing this down from memory )


      Avast anti virus <-- deactivated issue still occurs.

      windows firewall <-- turned off issue still occurs.


      computer usage : facebook <-- watching movies <-- basic image editing <-- surfing the web


      no extra devices attached ( appart from a powerusing cooling fan pack ) and a wireless mouse from logitec

      usage of flash / shockwave ( im not sure which does what ) youtube music / facebook games / onsite radio ( as far as i know ).


      laptop bloatware ( i believe its called ) is on and active. but was before the 10 days as wel.

      No auto update funktions on that. And if there was an update it would have been uninstalled with the system restore.

      Every install is covered with the admin rights question ( as far as i know ).


      is there some list of someway to find out for what combination of software its written?

      for example, it works normally on xxx computer with shockwave version x and flash player version x with windows 7 64 bit. and chrome version x or IE version x or firefox version X with extension pack version x.... for the game castlevile ran of facebook?


      or is there some way to find out what is wrong in the line of apps that are needed to run this game?

      and / or what free media is needed etc etc.


      ( internet security is still set to the same low to normal as usual. and no other virus / firewall software is being used.

      network was the same as it was.


      does someone have idea's, about what is the cause / solution?

      please let me know.


      Hope to hear from you soon,