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    Place an image & maintain highest quality

    wjl11 Level 1



      I need to prepare an image for professional printing and I want to retain as much quality as is possible.

      The final file needs to be a 300ppi sRGB jpg.


      The print needs to have a large white border so I am 'placing' the image into a new file where the canvas serves as the border.


      In other words, I'm placing an 8x10 image into a new 12X14 file.


      My question is: how do ensure that the quality of the original 8x10 image is not affected?


      My current workflow is as follows:


      1. Save the 8x10 as a 300ppi, 16bit, prophoto tif.

      2. Create a new file with the dimensions of 12x14, 300ppi, 16bit, prophoto.

      3. Place the 8x10 image into this file.

      4. Save for web & devices at JPEG, 100 Quality, Convert to sRGB