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      Hi.I have a form that updates all the fields.I have 2 fields:

      Current Cost:<input type="text" name="productprice" value="#NumberFormat(product.product_price, "_.__")#" size="8">

      Current Selling Price:<!---#price.product_price# ---><input type="text" name="productBasePrice" value="#NumberFormat(product.product_current_price, "_.__")#" size="8">

      which they will be update correctly when we submit the form and the this procedure runs:
      <CFSTOREDPROC procedure="sp_Update_Pricing2" dataSource="#session.eManager.datasource#"></CFSTOREDPROC>

      now my problem is I want this query runs only if we change the value of those 2 fields.but this query runs whenever we push the submit button.
      thanks for yr help.