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    Parameterising swf apps

    Isaac Fung Level 1
      Hi there,

      I have a number of not too big independent flex-based apps that can be incorporated into another flex app using SWFLoader or ModuleLoader. Can I go one step further to pass a string parameter to the called swf file? If so, how?

      I did think of developing the small apps as components and make some of the variables public. When including the component into another app, the values in public variables can be modified to make the whole thing behaves like passing parameters from the host app to the component. The problem with this approach is the component to be
      included has to be determined at design time while my app requires the component can only be determined at run time. The swf files are just like a catalogue of mini apps. Users are allow to pick one from the list to execute on the fly, i.e. not restraining the users to work on a particular component at a particular time. Can something like

      <mx:Application ......................... layout="absolute" xmlns:ns1:"Components.*" >
      <ns1:??????? x="0" y="0" />

      be achievable? Any other alternatives?