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    Issues with Mercury Engine GPU acceleration and stills


      Hi folks, recently made the switch to CS6 Creative Cloud and for the most part I am loving Premiere Pro CS6 except I am having one major issue. I've got a early 2011 Macbook Pro with the 1GB AMD Radeon HD 6750M video card and 16GB of RAM and I am using Lion 10.7.4. Mercury Engine GPU mode works great on this machine (fast timeline renders, accelerated effects, quick exports) except whenever I try to use a still image on the timeline. It doesn't matter if it's a JPG, TIFF, PSD, or anything else. It also doens't matter what the size of the image is either. As soon as I drop a still on the timeline the responsiveness of the entire program starts to grind to a halt. Parts of the timeline that were playing back soomthly (in GPU or software mode) now can barely play at 10-15 fps.


      I don't have this issue in Software Mercury Playback mode (I just loose all the benefits of the GPU acceleration).


      If I switch back to Software Mode, delete the previews and restart Premiere things go back to working well in software mode.


      I'm working on projects with Canon DSLR footage (1080P 30fps) and I am working off of a fast RAID 0 hard drive set-up.


      If anyone has any advice on how I can actually use the amazing GPU mode I would be most grateful.