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    Controling a SWF from JS

      When developing an AIR app using HTML and JS I would like to have a Map, built in Flash, on the screen. Flash offers a much easier way to do map over lays etc. I have controlling buttons built in JS and HTML and would like them to send commands and set variables to the SWF.

      I know that AIR is basically a Flash environment with WebKit in there, so does the SWF map have access to variables created in the JS? Can I call methods from JS on the Map inside the SWF? I do not want to use FLEX or Flash for the core of this.

      I know this can be achieved using SWLIVECONNECT in a browser setting, but I would hate to have to include another JS lib just to solve this.

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          anirudhs Level 2

          Have you looked at ExternalInterface?

          It works between JS and embedded swf in an HTML AIR Application.
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            zacko_2 Level 1
            I have not. I briefly looked into it and found it confusing. I guess my biggest confusion arises from how to call this inside my HTML and JS application in AIR. What is the syntax? Overall that has been a struggling point for me when it comes to AIR and JS: How to call these things correctly. I am very proficient at AS 2.0, but 3.0 is a different beast entirely. I will look into this more, but if you had some sample JS code I could use/test with in AIR (i.e. air.what_goes_here?) that would be a huge help!

            Thanks for your response!
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              zacko_2 Level 1
              I have figured out how to do this using LocalConnection. The solution can be found here, with example code:
              Solution Using LocalConnection
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                I'm guessing you got the answer to this finally, but it seems the newer versions of AIR 1.5.x do give embedded SWFs access to Javascript. Using ExternalInterface.call works fine for us.


                // *Does* work

                if (ExternalInterface.available) {

                     x = ExternalInterface.call("callJSFromFlex");




                // *Doesn't* work

                if (ExternalInterface.available) {

                     ExternalInterface.addCallback("callFlexFromJS", callFlexFromJS);



                Where *we're* struggling is communication the other way (JS calling Flex code in the embedded SWF). ExternalInterface.addCallback doesn't seem to work in AIR 1.5.x. Fine in a browser, but not in AIR. Hopefully it's something that's coming...


                If anybody could give pointers on JS -> AS (in an embedded SWF), that'd be just dandy. There seems very little documentation/discussion around building HTML AIR apps and embedding SWFs into them (and ensuring they can communicate) - all articles seem to be about embedding HTML into Flex containers, or JS<->Flex communication in a browser.