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    Adobe Flash 11.3.300.257 Install issue with SCCM




      I've been using SCCM (Currently 2007 R3) to install Flash at my orginization for several years.  Always setup the same way and always worked.  Until now.


      I create a distribution, set the install to be `msiexec /i install_flash_player_11_active_x_32bit.msi /qn`, create an advertisement, assign it to a collection, and wait.


      On my two test boxes (One Windows 7 fully patches and one Windows XP fully patched) I get the same error.


      Windows Installer per-user elevation of this program ("010004B5" - "Install Flash") failed for advertisement "01022398".This program was started. Please check the status of this program to determine whether or not it was completed sucessfully Possible causes: The version of Windows Installer on the computer is less than version 2.0, or the setup program does not support Windows Installer per-user elevated rights installations. Possible solutions: Update the version of Windows Installer on the computer to version 2.0 or later, or contact the software vendor that supplied the install program to determine if a version of setup that supports per-user elevated rights is available.


      The program does not run and Flash is not installed.


      I know windows installer is fine so It has to be the msi. 

      Anybody else having this issue?