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          msaina Level 1

          I am trying to create a hyperlink from jump page markers in a newsletter. How do you make them as anchor from one page to another (non-contiguous pages) when created from InDesign to produce an interactive PDF?  I do not want to do them in PDF, to many steps and when there are revisions, I would like it automated.

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            TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Well, the steps would be:


            1. find all the page numbers in the document that you want to apply the

            hyperlinks to. If they have a character style applied, it will be much

            easier to find.

            2. Loop through all the found page numbers, and add a hyperlink to the

            corresponding page.


            The basic way to add a hyperlink is:


            myHyperlinkTextSource =


            myHyperlinkPageDestination =

            myDoc.hyperlinkPageDestinations.add(myPageDestination/a page/);


            and finally:


            myDoc.hyperlinks.add(myHyperlinkTextSource, myHyperlinkPageDestination);




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              TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Whoops, sorry, I thought this was the scripting forum!



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                msaina Level 1

                Thanks! Yeah, this was a little over my head. But if I can script this function and not do it every time the page changes with the marker, I am game!

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                  Is it possible to create a hyperlink from a cell (or group of cells) in a table?

                  The only way I can see to do it is highlight the TEXT in that cell and creae a link from that - is this the only way?

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                    I'm having a problem linked a TOC to pages in the document.  I can do a few of them but then I select the text but I'm unable to select "new hyperlink".  It is not highlighted to select it.  What am I doing wrong?


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                      goatian Level 1

                      Do ID links automatically open new windows when opened in the user's browser?

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                        msaina Level 1

                        No. You cannot. If you a browser open, it will open to that link but will not open a new window.

                        This also cannot be scripted outside of ID.



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                          Im experiencing difficulty with hyperlinks on a master page:


                          Essentially I want to set up hyperlinks to pages in the same document for key sections once as a master element, to make any amends easier to edit. When I export as an Interactive PDF, each set of master hyperlinks only functions on the first instance of it being included as a page - eg Page 1, Master A works, Page 2 Master B works, Page 3 Master B hyperlinks do not work.


                          Has anyone encountered the same issue before?


                          Many thanks in advance.

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                            I want to give a hover effect to the hyper link text. Is there any option for that?

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                              Emeraldyingying Level 1

                              Yes – I'm experiencing the same problem for the TOC. I was able to link all the French version TOC to the correct pages, but for some reason, in my English document, the new hyperlink button is grayed out. Can't seem to find a solution. Please help!

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                                Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                No. You cannot. If you a browser open, it will open to that link but will not open a new window.

                                This also cannot be scripted outside of ID.

                                @Magda – that is only half the truth. It can be scripted, but that involves a different way to write a PDF.
                                You cannot do it by exporting to PDF, but you can do it through printing a PostScript file and use Distiller to convert PostScript to PDF.


                                Ah: to make that work you have to place EPS files with special PDF marks (thiese could be scripted, because in essence, the EPS files to place are nothing but text files with a .eps suffix), that trigger Distiller to build the links, that indeed open a new window in the browser.


                                But I'm not sure, if that workflow is worth the effort.


                                On the contrary you could (correct me, if I'm wrong) use Acrobat JavaScript to do the same from existing PDFs exported by InDesign. Go over to the Acrobat Scripting Forum to ask for a solution or at least a hint…



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                                  John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  Uhmm...not sure what's going on in the rest of this thread, but to the original post, I submit that the correct answer is cross references.

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                                    KarstenTiger Level 1

                                    Is there a posibility to create a working Hyperlink for the Epub-Ebook? These hyperlinks work perfectly for the pdf-Ebooks. But when I try to export the same book to Epub - non of the hyperlinks work. I am not so acquainted with the xhtml-code-correction to repair it (as in some advice suggested) in the dreamwave or so by myself. I hoped in InDesign CD6 the problem could be solved.

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                                      I have pasted a long web address from word into a hyperlink, but ID changes e.g.  "=" in the address to "%3D". This gives an error when clicking on the link in the exporter pdf-file. Why? Help!

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                                        I created a series of hyperlinks to URL addresses and two fails consistently, resulting in a "page not found" error. The hyperlink works in Explorer and it works in Word, but it will not work when I place then in InDesign CS6 and export them to a PDF. All the other hyperlinks in my InDesign file work just fine. The two files seem to have one thing in common, the %20 string in the address: http://www.co.arapahoe.co.us/Departments/



                                        with%20Appendices.pdf. I've tried removing the %20, but then the links don't work in any format. Any idea why this link in particular won't work?

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                                          Mary Posner Level 3

                                          %20 is a space character, which is part of your PDF's name, so it needs to be there or the PDF on that website will not be found. There is a known issue with CS6 automatically replacing some special characters in URLs when pasting them into the hyperlinks panel; I think that's where this is getting messed up.


                                          Try this workaround and see if it helps:



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                                            FHUMktg Level 1

                                            Ah – well, at least I know it’s not something I was doing incorrectly. I saw the note for the workaround, but I’m not sure what “the Panel” refers to in the following:


                                            ·         ""The current workaround for the same could be to use the Panel to enter the URL and not the Hyperlink Dialog.That is if we write the URL in the URL field available in the Panel and hit return to apply the URL this problem does not occur.This problem only occurs if we Open the Hyperlink Dialog to apply the URL ""


                                            What “Panel” is the instruction referring to?


                                            - Sylvia

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                                              Mary Posner Level 3

                                              I'm sure they're talking about the Hyperlinks panel. If you click on a hyperlink in that panel, the associated URL shows in the field at the top of the panel. You can enter or edit a URL there, rather than entering it in the Edit Hyperlink dialog that you get if you double-click on a hyperlink in the Hyperlink panel. Although, honestly, I've seen some flaky behavior on the Hyperlink panel too, so I'm not sure if this will work, but give it a try and see what happens.

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                                                FHUMktg Level 1

                                                Why not?? It may just work – thanks so much!


                                                - Sylvia

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                                                  When I link to a .pdf file in an inDesign file, the link does not work in the exported to .pdf version.

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                                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                    Are you referring to links in the placed PDF? If so, that is normal



                                                    The placed PDF is seen as a graphic only.



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                                                      shdohio Level 1

                                                      In the inDesign doc, the source of the link is a text string "Evaluating the Remix." The destination is a file titled RemixAppendix.pdf. However in the pdf exported from the inDesign doc, the link pop-up title is file:RemixAppendix.pdf and does not open the appendix.

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                                                        Hyperlink between two documents : I'm trying to link a hyperlink in document A to a page destination in document B.  Using the test arrow in the Hyperlink panel works well, When I press the Hyperlink in the InDesign doc A, it jumps to the InDesign Doc B. I'm trying to make it work in a interactive pdf exported. The document A pdf has the hyperlink, but it does not open the indesign document B at the wanted destination. Does hyperlinks between documents pages work only between InDesign Documents, or is it possible to make them work when a pdf is produced. And if I want to have a hyperlink between two pdf doc produced from InDesign docs, do I have to make the hyperlinks in Acrobat ? Thanks - Nicolas

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                                                          Eavisgrebe Level 1

                                                          Hi there, long time reader, first time question-asker. I've used inDesign 5.5 to create a Technical Directory for my employer. It's a massive document, around 300 pages, that I've got saved as five different InDesign files pooled into a Book document. The print run went great, so I'm creating an interactive version for the web. Everybody likes the flip-page effect from an SWF file, but whichever way I try and export (as an SWF) the TOC and buttons from the various book files didn't work, except in the first file where the TOC is located.

                                                          I've tried exporting each bit as a seperate SWF and then placing them back into InDesign, and this gives the effect closest to the one I want, but the TOC entries at the beginning of the first 'part' aren't clickable - it won't go to a page in say, the third part. Is there any way to get a Book file to export in it's entirety as a SWF, with all the connected links working as they do when I export to PDF? I know the web hyperlinks won't work until I embed the SWF into the website, but want to be assured of the functionality of the TOC.

                                                          Any help would be appreciated!  thanks! In the end I 'placed' all five documents in to one (one page at a time!!) and manually relinked the TOC (this sucks as the document will need maintaining and updating, doubtless causing repagination over the year) but now when I export to swf the hyperlinks don't seem to show up at all (cursor doesn't change when hovering), probably because they're in a 'graphic'- a placed document page. I've asked our web guy to put it on the server to test them, and I know they work in a pdf. Please advise on what I ought to have done, or can still do!! thanks so much

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                                                            Joel Cherney Level 5

                                                            You may want to start a new thread with an informative title with your question - this thread covers a lot of ground, and doesn't seem to have a lot of answers in it. But I do have a probably-unhelpful answer for you:


                                                            Everybody likes the flip-page effect from an SWF file, but whichever way I try and export (as an SWF) the TOC and buttons from the various book files didn't work,


                                                            and manually relinked the TOC (this sucks as the document will need maintaining and updating, doubtless causing repagination over the year)


                                                            Please advise on what I ought to have done


                                                            Lambasted your stakeholders for liking something as obviously moronic as a page flip animation?


                                                            I mean, I'm only halfway joking. For me, the request for a page-flip animation anywhere is a dead giveaway of a, um, er, a particular kind of client, and I will politely turn down any project requiring a page-flip animation. But these people aren't your clients, they're your coworkers or managers or whatever, so you can't just say "no," right?


                                                            How about this: You figure out how many hours you spent juggling SWFs trying to implement the page-curl animation for them. You take an educated guess ad the amount of time spent manually relinking over a given time period. You take your equivalent hourly wage and the number of hours you spent struggling with SWFs, and compare that against the cost of something like eDocker. Then you take all this information to Those Who Posess The Checkbook and you make the pitch: "I spent x hours on this project, at my equivalent hourly salary of y units of money, because everyone loved this page-curl animation. Said animation has no effect whatsoever on the content or useability of our techincal directory. Can we buy a tool that will make it easy for me to create the animation that makes people who are ostensibly rational adults go all gooey inside, so I can spend my x hours on something that is less obviously a waste of time?"


                                                            Okay, maybe I lost my composure at the end there with the gooey and the waste, but you get the general idea and can no doubt word a similar statement in whatever format of biz lanuguage you use in your place of biz. SWF and interactive PDF are nice tools, but as you have learned (and will painfully re-learn at every revision requiring a repagination), they don't play particularly nicely with long-doc features like book files.

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                                                              John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                              Lambasted your stakeholders for liking something as obviously moronic as a page flip animation?


                                                              I mean, I'm only halfway joking. For me, the request for a page-flip animation anywhere is a dead giveaway of a, um, er, a particular kind of client, and I will politely turn down any project requiring a page-flip animation.


                                                              Thank you, sir.

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                                                                Joel Cherney Level 5

                                                                BTW, I only know about eDocker because Petteri posts about it regularly. I do know that there are many competing products for the whole interactive-digital-publication-from-InDesign thing, and have no idea which one is the best suited for your particular task. I just know that your workflow would give me hives, and that many comparatively-cheap commercial tools will make it easier for you.


                                                                OTOH it sounds like you could simply rebuild the whole thing in a single file. A 300-page doc might be a bit unwieldy, but waiting around for a page to render would probably generate fewer hives than manually relinking everything every time.


                                                                Lastly: if you have to place a whole bunch of pages from one INDD into another, look into the MultiPageImporter script. It will lighten your load considerably if you have to do anything like this ever again.

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                                                                  Eavisgrebe Level 1

                                                                  Thanks for your replies. Joel is right, I'm not in a position to say no, and in fairness the swf is a handy way of presenting the info online in a user-friendly format that also protects the content to some degree. In fact when two of them suggested it I was like 'Sure - I can find a way to do that, leave it with me' secretly tittering to myself; 'It's just a page transition - I've already got my Book file - how hard can it be?'


                                                                  I looked at the eDocker link thanks - it seems a little expensive for a plug-in that does what InDesign is supposed to do anyway? Doubt I could present a convincuibng case for it, especially as this document is pretty much a one-off. Thanks for suggesting it though.


                                                                  I'm new to scripting (although have a bit of experience with Flash - for all the good that'll do me) - do you know if the MultipageImporter script imports the pages as a graphic, or brings in and appends the document, text threads and all, preferably leaving it linked with the original file, which is really what I want to do isn't it? Surely there's a way to do that? You'd think? No?


                                                                  I WANT to rebuild the thing in a single file, and could then regenerate a new ToC easily if need be,  but can't find any way to do it that;

                                                                  (a) doesn't take ages

                                                                  (b) retains the link to the original and

                                                                  (c) retains working hyperlinks and other interactive elements throughout when exported to swf.



                                                                  One last thing;

                                                                  You may want to start a new thread with an informative title with your question


                                                                  I'm a total noob with forums, and simply don't know how to start a new thread.. In fact it took me 3 days to find and figure out how to reply to this thread (kept getting a 'header too large 413 error') Sad but true.

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                                                                    snclrz Level 1

                                                                    Is there a way to export hyperlink destinations from an Indesign CS5 file to apply to a different Indesign CS5 file?

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                                                                      Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                      @sncirz – I can see a possible solution by scripting ( the object "HyperlinkURLdestination" has an "add()" method ).


                                                                      One could read in all "name" and "destinationURL" values of all HyperlinkURLdestinations of the one file into two separate arrays and add new destinations to the new file using those arrays.


                                                                      The script below is an ExtendScript (JavaScript). Copy the text of the source code to a text-only file and save it with a *,jsx suffix, then put in the "Scripts/Scripts Panel" folder of InDesign. Now you can access and start the script with a double click from the "Scripts Panel" in inDesign.


                                                                      Supposed there are only two InDesign files open. Nothing more!
                                                                      The one with hyperlink destinations is the active one (the source), the target file is in the background.



                                                                      //Uwe Laubender
                                                                      //DESCRIPTION:Transfer all hyperlink destinations from the active document to a second document
                                                                      * @@@BUILDINFO@@@ TransferHyperlinkURLDestinations.jsx !Version! Thu Aug 08 2013 22:39:08 GMT+0200
                                                                      alert("Warning!"+"\r"+"The script does not change destinations already present with the same name.");
                                                                      var sourceDoc = app.documents[0];
                                                                      var targetDoc = app.documents[1];
                                                                      var nameArray = sourceDoc.hyperlinkURLDestinations.everyItem().name;
                                                                      var destinationURLArray = sourceDoc.hyperlinkURLDestinations.everyItem().destinationURL;
                                                                      var counter = 0;
                                                                      if(nameArray.length !== destinationURLArray.length){alert("Something went wrong!"); exit();};
                                                                      for(var n=0;n<nameArray.length;n++){
                                                                      alert("Done. "+"\r"+counter+" new hyperlink URL destination(s) from "+nameArray.length+" of the source are added.");



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                                                                        I am preparing a lengthy interactive pdf that contains links to public and private information. Because of it's size and the sensitivity of the information, we will be distributing it on branded USB flash drives. The public links all go to an open-access website. The private information (I was hoping) would all link to separate files on the same flash drive. Is there any way to do this outside of using relative links and/or is this possible at all in ID?



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                                                                          TabithaSpottybott Level 1

                                                                          I'm a new user, so please bear with me if the question is a basic one...


                                                                          I've successfully created two hyperlinks in a document, a web URL and a mailto, where the actual destination addresses are used as the source text. I'm now trying to create one where clicking on the word 'here' takes the reader to a web page, but I can't for the life of me get it to work.


                                                                          I've selected the text, created a new link in the Hyperlinks box, typed the destination URL in the relevant box, and set the text attributes. The text takes on this appearance, but the link isn't there when I open the exported PDF. There's a note in the directions above about shared destinations sometimes being problematical; I've tried exporting after choosing Shared Destination from the dropdown menu and with 'shared hyperlink destination' checked; with the same in the dropdown box but without 'shared destination' checked; and with URL selected in the dropdown box, both with and without 'shared hyperlink destination' checked. I've also tried clearing the text completely and then redoing the whole exercise.


                                                                          I don't know what else to try now – can anyone work out what I'm doing wrong, please?



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                                                                            TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                            Did you remember the check the "include hyperlinks" checkbox, in the PDF

                                                                            export dialog?

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                                                                              TabithaSpottybott Level 1

                                                                              Thank you for replying – but yes, that's checked! I can't see any other option in the export dialog that might affect it, and as I say, two of the hyperlinks are working fine. Grrrr!

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                                                                                TabithaSpottybott Level 1

                                                                                PS: I've just tried replacing the word 'here' with the actual web address and linking to that, and it works fine. It's something to do with the destination address not being used as the source text.

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                                                                                  TabithaSpottybott Level 1

                                                                                  Solved it.........when exporting, I hadn't ever changed the compatibility option from the factory default, which was Acrobat v5. I've updated it to v8/9, and the link now works. I can meet my deadline now I've got this working, so stress levels have finally subsided!