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    Dynamically creating panels? + OO question.

    Benji2008 Level 1
      Hey there!

      So I have 2 questions..

      1. I'm making a coverdisplay flow - using components that are out there on the net, however the example I found has the amount of panels that are shown (each picture shown is in a panel), hardcoded ..

      Now, I made a php page which creates an xml file depending on how many jpg-files are in a certain directory.. I already made a connection & everything.. But I was wondering, can i somehow use a for loop in MXML to create a dynamic amount of panels? (so the amount will depend on how many files are in the folder). Because all the actionscript code in MXML files needs to be inside the script tags :s

      2nd Question.. is about Objected Oriented programming.
      I created a covermanager.. this is called upon out of the MXML file!
      This manager calls on the CoverXML class, which creates an array of the info from the xml page mentioned in question 1. I then make sure the array is put inside the Cover class (which just has the info from the array (imagetitle, year & url)). I'd really like to use the O.O way of programming, I'd obviously like the covermanger to be the only class to be called upon, from there out everything has to happen. I was wondering if that means i just have to go to the CoverXML class to get the array? If so, what's the point of that separate Cover class? I'm a bit confused of how that works :$

      - cover class
      - createXML class

      Sorry for the maybe confusing questions.. don't really know how to phrase them!

      thanks for your time!
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          dietmar.paulus Level 1

          to your first question.

          Sure it is possible to create the panels dynamic. Just make a loop and for every iteration create a panel with var pan:Panel = new Panel(), make your initialization stuff and then add the panel whereever you want with addChild(pan);
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            slaingod Level 1
            In general the Flex way to do this (not necessarily OO related) is to use events. Your cover class can listen to the HTTPService event at the same time you UI class is, and they will both get the ResultEvent, so they can each do their own thing without tying the two together.

            But unless this is a learning excercise, or you expect to release this code or reuse it, worrying about design principles you might not fully understand (I'm no expert myself :) is surely a way to code yourself into a corner.