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    Shooting at higher shutter speed for added benefit of stills with RED


      The RED Scarlet is  renowned for its ability to capture still frames from the video stream. This is great in a photoshoot where you can dial in 1/200th sec shutter, but being a video shooter I can't make use of this great feature as I'll be shooting at 1/50th of a second to emulate a 180 degree shutter angle.


      I mainly shoot music videos, where my clients are keen on as many stills as possible during the production process. I figured that it would be theoretically possible to light the scene a little more and speed up the shutter to somewhere in the region of 1/125th sec in order to get less motion blur in the still frames.


      Would it then be possible to artificially induce some motion blur in order to emulate a 1/50th sec shutter in Premiere? Is this more hassle than its worth for the payoff of added stills? As the frames are also crisper it becomes easier to slow down the footage in After Efficts with the help of Twixtor or something similar,This would be a big bonus!