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    osmf media element shift

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      I'm a developer of osmf plugins. My customer showed me a problem that could be caused by my plugin. What happens is that when we use the player to play a video whose width and heigh ratio does not fix in the monitor screen, the player shows a black background and then the video on top of the background. When the video is playing in full screen and a bitrate switch happens, the video shifts to the left side of the screen from the center of the screen.


      I have verified that the "layoutMetadata" is set to the default value (alignments are "middle" and "center") and is never changed. There is a mediaContainer in which the mediaElement is put in and a UIComponent in which the mediaContainer is put in. I think the shift could be caused by the mediaContainer shift or the UIComponent shift.


      My questions are:

      1. Can I access the mediaContainer and the UIComponent in my plugin?

      2. What are the possible reasons of the window shift?

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          Silviu Vergoti Adobe Employee



          1. I don't think you can access them without making them available from the video player.

          2. There are some layout API bugs that could generate that, especially if some media size change events do not reach the layout classes - and they could be stopped by your plugin. Please search the bugbase for Layout API bugs that are related to that and try to use the player without the plugin to see if this replicates.