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    Conversion to flash with interactivity


      Hi. I'm in the process of developing an interactive magazine in Indesign cs5. Once created I will need to export to Flash to hand off to programmers to add additional interactivity.


      My question is if they have an earlier ver of Flash will they be able to access the file. If not, will downsaving my InDesign file cause a loss in the new cs5 interactive elements?


      Or would the solution here be to downsave in Flash?


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          Petteri_Paananen Level 4

          InDesign > Flash Professional workflow may be a bit bumpy road... In some cases you may make it easier by creating interactive widget in Flash, exporting it as SWF and placing SWF to InDesign. Then you can use InDesign´s SWF export for creating your digital publication.


          I have few very nice examples of digital interactive flash magazines made that way. I can send you some links. Let me know if that interests you:

          petteri.paananen[x]prepress.fi (replace x with at)