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    Transferring ebooks to smartphones and Android devices

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      Several people have posted to the Forum about their ability to get ebooks to smartphones and Android devices that aren't supported by Digital Editions.


      SONY has at least part of an answer.  They just posted the following information:


      "Reader Store now enables you to browse, purchase, and download eBooks from any browser and have them instantly delivered to your wireless Reader device, Android® tablet, Android phone, PC or Mac®."


      That means that SONY Reader Store supports these devices (hint to Adobe!!!).


      Of course you can sign up for SONY Reader Store, and get your ebooks from them directly.  Then, just follow their directions and you'll be able to transfer the ebooks to these devices, provided that their DRM settings will allow it.  This is just a parallel way of getting ebooks, and the steps are similar to those you use with ADE, just as you would do if you were getting ebooks for your Nook from Barnes and Noble.


      If you want to continue to obtain ebooks from other sites, such as gutenberg.org, manybooks.net, etc., then you can sign up for SONY Reader Store, download their Reader library and software, but use ADE to do the transfer from the website where you get the ebooks.  Once the transfer is done, provided DRM will allow it, you can open Reader Store, import the ebook from the ADE library and use Reader Store to do the transfer to your smartphone or other device that they support.  I know it's a bit of work, but you may find it worthwhile - and less frustrating.


      SONY Reader Store has HELP features that will help you to go through the steps to do the importing and the downloading.



      CAVEAT: I would not try to do this with library ebooks.  The way they're handled in ADE may screw up any attempt you make to use Reader Store for the transfer.  Contact your local library and see if their software supports your smartphone or Android device.



      Hope this helps!