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    Not a valid MPEG error, I know for a fact it is having burned a separate disc with same exact codec


      I'm trying to burn a musical to a DVD and I'm running into this not a valid mpeg problem. I've tried searching but no one seems to be providing any helpful information.


      There are two small 10ish minute vidoes and two 1hr30min shows on the disc, which is a DVD+DL 8.5Gb. Trying out the failed DVD in VLC I can successfully navigate the main motion menu as well as the bonus menu with all links and transitions working fine on all menus and the two small bonus videos, which both play all the way through just fine. When I try to play either of the main shows VLC crashes. I'm assuming this means that one of the show files is the problem (why encore doesn't tell you which file isn't valid I have no idea).


      Noticing that I had moved the location of one of the long shows and the xmp file with it I thought it could be an indexing problem as some have pointed out. I deleted the two show timelines from my encore project, re-imported the m2v/ac3 files, made new timelines from them and then relinked to the main menu again. This theoretically resets the indexing, correct? Still won't burn.


      I know it isnt a codec issue as MediaInfo tells me it the m2v file is MPEG-II 29.97 720x480(16:9). I used the exact same codec for the last musical DVD I had to burn and that worked fine.


      I know it isn't a space issue as I'm using 7.15 Gb with 1.39 Gb to spare.


      I edited using AVID MC and converted my high quality exports to mpeg using ffmpegX. This same process worked totally fine for the last musical I had to burn to DVD and I can not for the life of me figure out what the hell is going on.


      Also I tried exporting to an iso file to just burn that to a disc with Toast, but Encore just freezes up about a third of the way through when I try to do this.


      Does anybody actually know what this error really means? Do I need to re-encode the video files? I've informed my client that I finished the DVD already (which I have, I just can't burn it) so I need to be able to actually deliver it on a disc ASAP.


      Thanks in advance for any help.