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    Video drive problem when reboot W7



      I have this very rare problem (sorry for my English. I speak Spanish and did this with out help).

      OK, I install the upgarde of Production Premium CS6 in my Laptop (HP Pavilion DV6 Intel Core I7 2.0 GHz 6GB Ram 1GB Radeon HD 6770M Video Card). I had CS5.5 and everything was OK. Now with CS6, all programs work fine but Premiere Pro. When I run this program, I see the splash screen where you can see the name of components and plug-ins loading. As soon as it reach ImporterQuickTime.prm file it stops and this message pops up: "Adobe Premiere Pro can not find  any module to play video. Upgrade your video drivers and start over". So I know I have a video drive problem. I upgrade the drivers and I still have the problem. Then I down grade the drivers and it fix it!! Finally I can run Premier Pro CS6. But, as soon I reboot my system the problem is back again. Then I run the Upgrade and it fix it again. But again, when I reboot the system the problem is back.

      So, as you can see, no matter if I upgrade or downgrade the video driver, I can have Premier Pro running without problems, but as soon a reboot my Laptop, the problem comes back and I must change the driver video (without rebooting) in order to work with Premier Pro.

      Can someone have any idea? I really appreciate since tech people at Adobe still have no fix my problem yet.