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    Camera raw/Nikon D3200/dng convertor


      hi i am also having problems with raw files not opening with the dng convertor for the nikon 3200 camera.  i have dragged my raw files to a new folder marked

      "RAW files to be converted" and to be converted to another folder marked " converted dng files"


      i have downloaded the latest version of camera raw & dng convertor 7.1 (354)


      every time i try to convert the files i get the message below. i am using photoshop CS5, but as i cannot convert the files, i am not sure if the version of photoshop matters at this stage?


      also what i find strange is that when i drag the raw files from iphoto into the folder they change to jpg files.

      Screen shot 2012-06-14 at 09.47.15.jpg
      my original files imported & saved in iphoto & the nikon software (view NX 2) is not used to import the files from the camera. i am selecting the folder that holds the files.
      i have followed an you tube video word for word & still no luck.
      can you help?