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    Director 11.5 will rock!!

      Oohh! Don't even tell me It's a joke!! I was so needing it to be true.
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          Steveorevo Level 1
          Do you actually read this forum?
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            This is obviously an April Fool's joke because almost everything in this
            letter is exactly what Adobe should have done in D11. Therefore, it
            can't be true. Actually, it's not that funny. The only positive thing I
            have to say about it is that Adobe might actually use it to plan what
            they should have done in the first place!

            Chad Brocker wrote:
            > DIRECTOR 11.5 To Be Released!
            > Finally heard back from India and they let me know of the upcoming release,
            > scheduled for one month from today. It will be worth all of the problems we
            > have been having!
            > Shockwave Update
            > ==============================
            > 1) The new Shockwave player, which will be released around the same time, will
            > have no ADWARE. It will be a clean, silent install!
            > 2) They have reduced the size of the Shockwave plugin so that it is comparible
            > to that of the Flash player
            > 3) Adobe also announced that they have been working with Microsoft and Apple
            > and Shockwave will call standard on all new OS installs. This includes native
            > support of Shockwave on mobile devices.
            > Fixes in version 11.5
            > ==============================
            > 1) In addtion to Ageia, they will be re-introducing Havok. We will also have
            > support for Hilgh Level Shader Language
            > 2) There will be a mobile platform developers kit built into Director,
            > including support for the Iphone
            > 3) All the install problems have been fixed so nobody will have problems like
            > we had with version 11
            > 4) Adobe is planning on moving all of its development back here to the US and
            > we will have a strong US based development and troubleshooting team to deal
            > with directly.
            > 5) There are plans to purchase the following crucial Xtras that will included
            > for FREE with Director: OS Control, Buddy API Xtra, INM's Impressario.... this
            > means native support for PDF files!
            > 6) They have completely redid the way Director functions so we will now have
            > multiple undos
            > 7) Integration of all of the CS3 products will be a major feature of this
            > release as well
            > 8) All features of DirectX 9 will be integrated including 3d shaders
            > 9) All bugs fixes for the Mac have been addressed including full backwards
            > compatability for older PPC machines
            > 10) The integrated Paint feature has finally been brought up to today's
            > standards
            > 11) NOW, we will have support for all of modern day OS components using the
            > Flex components backbone
            > 12) Adobe has committed to making Lingo it's "backbone" language and will be
            > integrating it into all products as an optional programming language, for
            > instance, in Flash
            > 13) ActionScript 3 will be supported and integrated as part of the optional
            > programming language native in Director
            > 14) You will be able to digitially sign your projects with complete
            > integration into Air so now we have an install solution
            > 15) There will be full DirectX 10 support
            > 16) We will have native FLV support for inline Flash Video
            > 17) When you export a projector, you now have the option to output a Flash SWF
            > file in addtion to a Shockwave file.
            > 18) You will now be able to wrap your Flex projects in Director and wrap
            > Director in Flex
            > 19) You will be able to import Photshop layers nativly in Director
            > 20) Adobe now has a commitment to make Director the premier development tool
            > for Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 applications
            > 21) Apparently they have found a bug that causes Director 11 to be slow in
            > certain areas. Major improvements have been made to increase the speed of all
            > aspects of the development environment.
            > 22) Adobe will be splitting the product into several different version... we
            > don't have names but it will be an Application Development Package, 3D
            > Development Package and a Production Suite version for all of the above
            > 23) Whole new suite of native transitions
            > 24) Native database support for remote and local MySQl databases, SQL, Oracle
            > and Access DB support
            > 25) Literally THOUSANDS of bugs have been fixed and we will have a complete
            > list of those bug fixes so that we know what we no longer have to create a
            > work-around for.
            > 26) All of our questions and concerns have been addressed. We no longer have
            > to fear for the life expectincy of Director and Adobe's commitment to the
            > product!
            > 27) Anybody who has purchased, up until this point will be eligible for a free
            > upgrade to 12! The overall price of Director will be dropped so that it will be
            > affodable to everyone.
            > :)
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              Steveorevo Level 1
              >> The only positive thing I
              >> have to say about it is that Adobe might actually use it to plan what
              >> they should have done in the first place!

              Yeah, right!