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    Help - Getting slower render times with AE CS6

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      Hi everyone


      Wonder if anyone else is getting as described?

      I have a 3m37s project which is predomnantly motion graphics using live shot footage (.MXF files), Illustrator and a few JPGs.


      In CS5 AE I get render times which average around 45mins, so I thought I'd see how quickly CS6 could crank it out by - as you can see I'm getting times which are in excess of 2 almost 3hours!


      CS5 v CS6 Render times.jpg


      The project contains a few 2.5D moves as well as tiny bit of Trapcode 3D Stroke


      I have mentioned on this forum that I'm having the Error 5070 problems with start up and Ray Trace is unavailable but these times seem seriously wrong to me.


      Mac Pro 3,1 (2x 2.8GHZ)

      20GB RAM

      OS 10.7.4

      NVIDIA GeForce GT8800

      NVIDIA Quadro 4000 both on GPU Driver 207.00.00.f06

      CUDA Driver 4.2.10


      All files are on a 2TB drive (7200rpm)

      Rendering to a 1TB drive (7200rpm)

      Corsair SSD 60gb Cache drive


      As an observation when I watch the frames counter ticking over, CS5 seems to steadily work it's way through the render at around less than a frame a second, CS6 seems to crank out 2-6 frames then hold for 30secs before working on another batch. It crawls to a halt near the end.


      Can anyone offer any help or advice?

      So far I'm not having a great time with my CS6 transition





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