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    find where a story object is placed




      is there a way to find out on which layer a specific story is placed?


      Furthermore is there a simple way to display all prefences of an object? More or less the way it's possible with properties?

      var myStory = myDocument.stories.item(myCounter);
      var myElements = myStory.reflect.properties.sort();




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          1. A story may run through different text frames. Each text frame can be moved on a different layer, and the text threading still works. Therefore, there is no such thing as "the layer of a story".


          2. With [object].reflect.properties, you get a list of all properties; preferences is just one of them, for most object types. If you only want to see 'preferences', you could try


          alert ([object].preferences.reflect.properties.sort());


          (where [object] should be anything valid). But do note that the generic object "Preference" is just a placeholder -- every object type has its own set of personal preferences. "cropMarks", for example, is in PrintPreferences, and it wouldn't make much sense to have separate Print Prefs for every rectangle, image, and Text Import.


          Can you tell why you want to see those preferences?

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            Stev_u25a1 Level 1

            Thanks for the explanation,


            is there a way to see which textframe(s) is/(are) placed on a specific layer?