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    Adding pic w/ transparency changes bg colour

    Miki Rider



      I'm working on an InDesign (CS4) document. It's a flyer with text, coloured background boxes made with the Rectangle Tool and a logo with transparency. The problem is that the adding of the logo with transparent parts seems to change the colour of the boxes on the background. Everything looks fine on screen and on pdf but when I print the file it looks like there's a thin foil everywhere else than the logo's transparent parts - in fact only there the background colour looks closer to the right one, elsewhere it's more grayish. I have one of these "boxes" just under the logo and on print you can see the difference between the colours: it's clearly brighter where the transparency is.


      I read somewhere that this is a well-known problem and I found some tips but they didn't work. I have checked colour settings, I tried printing with everything in RGB and then everything in CMYK (we have a laser printer), Transparency Blend Space.. The logo is in PSD format but I also tried with TIFF and PNG. I really don't know what to do with this but I'd really want to learn. I know I could just make the boxes as ordinary jpg pictures eg in Photoshop but I'm sure there's a way to make the transparency work. And so that I'll be able to see that everything is really okay before I click print - it's really frustrating that the problem doesn't show on screen.


      Please, could somebody give me some advice?


      PS I'm sorry for my poor skills in explaining the problem in English - I found it difficult to do it in my mother tongue too.